Licensed and Insured Masonry Contractor In Nanaimo BC

We are a fully licensed and insured masonry company, licensed in Nanaimo, BC and Vancouver Island. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and install concrete block, brick, stone, brick fireplaces, and glass block in both residential and commercial construction. We are dependable, honest, and hardworking as we strive for unsurpassed quality in each project and the full satisfaction of our clients.

What We Do

We supply all our equipment and materials, but also do contract labor and piece work. We do all types of masonry projects but focus primarily on C.M.U. construction. We work mostly with small to medium sized general/shell contractors, and home owners, doing anywhere from small residential additions to large warehouses.

About Us

I have over many years experience in the field, being the son of a masonry contractor
having learned the trade from an early age.

I’ve lived and worked in Nanaimo, BC my entire life (being born here), and
am completely familiar with all different types of masonry construction in Nanaimo as
well as being fully capable of handling any project I am awarded.

Services We Provide

We are a fully licensed and insured masonry company serving primarily the Nanaimo and its surrounding area for more than 15 years, but will occasionally travel to other places on Vancouver Island depending on the project, and our work load.

Our primary focus is in concrete block (but we also install brick, stone and glass block) in the residential market. But we also occasionally do some commercial projects as well.

Our work is of the highest quality, and efficiency and because we are a smaller company we are able to offer better quality control and pricing then the larger corporations.

We provide our own equipment, and materials, and are always willing to work with our customers in these areas if necessary, to help them save money.

Our installations include Concrete Block, Decorative block, Brick, Fireplaces, Stone and Glass block. For more information visit our web page by clicking Masonry Nanaimo.